National Conference on Data Revolution in Computational Biology and Drug Development - 2019


Organized By
Departments of Botany, Computer Science and Big Data Analytics

St.Joseph's College (Autonomous), Bengaluru-27


Auditorium, St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous) Bengaluru


17th & 18th of December 2019

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       Currently we are living in an “Era of Data Inundation” due because of gigantic growth of information in different disciplines of science like biology, computer science, chemistry, medicine, sociology, astronomy, physics, mathematics etc. Advancement of unparalleled data in molecular biology and bioinformatics over the recent few years is a major concern for storage and management. Apparently there is an information technology revolution which is quietly underway, and it revolves around the data. Such massive data explosion is called ‘Big Data’ and it has perpetrated a broader transformation in technologies across all fields and society as a whole. This emerging big data paradigm has flaunted data as a new source to generate revenue. Unlike the previous great tech shifts, with its greater hardware efficiency and flexibility; the data revolution is more subtle. With the amount of collected data and published information increasing exponentially, it is now expected that 90% of the total data around the globe today has been created only in the past two years. This huge amount of data is presumed to increase the collected digital universe of data from trillion gigabytes in the past to 44 zettabytes by the end of 2024. It is now expected that by 2020, over 1/3rd of the available data either exist or move to the cloud. At the epicenter of this shift is the need to feed the next major technology leap forward of which machine learning is the starting point towards “true artificial intelligence”. We need a lot of good quality to achieve it; however, we are still living in a world where data is still closely coupled to applications. New age apps are increasingly designed to ingest, transform and analyze vast amounts of data with different characteristics to create new insights or solve seemingly intractable problems. A whole new ecosystem of technologies is attempting to make data independent of the current siloed world. Hence, the main objective of “National Conference on Data Revolution in Computational Biology and Drug Development” is to bring the technocrats and stakeholders of data revolution together on a single platform and brainstorm.


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