National Conference on Data Revolution in Computational Biology and Drug Development - 2019


Organized By
Departments of Botany, Computer Science and Big Data Analytics

St.Joseph's College (Autonomous), Bengaluru-27


Auditorium, St. Joseph’s College (Autonomous) Bengaluru


17th & 18th of December 2019

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Conference Theme

Computational biology and bioinformatics                              Cloud computing

Molecular biology and structural biology                                DNA, RNA and protein

Adaptive computation                                                              Sequence analysis

Computational Pharmacology                                                  Bio-inspired computing

Big data security privacy                                                          Bioinformatic algorithms and databases

Immunology and Immunochemistry                                        Biodiversity Informatics

Image Processing, Pattern Recognitin and MultiMedia          Computatinal Genomics

Biomedica and Health Informatics                                          Computatinal Chemistry

Embedded Systems and Softwares                                          Next Generation Sequencing

Clinical Research and Data Management                                Networking and Communications

Drug Designing, Discovery, Development and Validation      Modeling and Simulation      

Organising Committee
Patrons: Rev. Dr. Melwyn D’Cunha, SJ, Rector, St. Joseph’s College and
Rev. Dr. Victor Lobo, SJ, Principal, St. Joseph’s College
Chairman: Dr. Jayarama Reddy
Organizing Secretary: Dr. Rajamani
Conveners: Prof. Sandhya. N, Prof. Jayathi Bhadra, Prof. Mary Merline Rani
Members: Dr. Lokesh Ravi, Prof. Ramesh, Prof. Vanitha Rani and Prof. Joy Keren

Advisory Board
Chairman: Prof. S. Japhet, Vice Chancellor, Bangalore Central University
Dr. Ming-Hung Wong, Research Chair & Professor, Hong Kong Institute of Education
Mr. Sanjay Manohar, Managing Director (India & South Asia), McAfee Software Pvt. Ltd
Dr. Jagadish Mittur, Director (Former), Monsanto Research Center, Bangalore
Dr. Seetharam Annadana,Technology Lead, Syngenta India Ltd, Bangalore
Dr. C Kameswara Rao, Chairman (Former) of Botany Department, Bangalore University
Dr. Aswath Chennareddy, Principal Scientist, IIHR, Bangalore
Dr. Housull Chanakya, Chief Research Scientist, IISc Bangalore
Dr. Vidya Niranjan, Professor, RV Engineering College, Bangalore
Dr. Sanjay Ghosh, IBAB, Bangalore
Dr. S.N. Grellscheid, Professor, Durham University, UK
Dr. Clarisse Nobre Gonçalves, Institute of Biotech and Bioengineering, Braga, Portugal

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Conference Flyer


Contact us for details:


Dr. Jayarama Reddy, Professor & Chairman, NCDCD-19,

St.Joseph's College (Autonomous)

36, Lalbagh Road, Bengaluru - 560027.


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